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Craft Beers By Bottle
ABV 4.7%
KINNEGAR limeburner 500ml
Limeburner is light, crisp and refreshing, like a summer’s evening with a hoppy accent at the end.
Bottle 16.00
KINNEGAR Rustbucket 500ml
Rustbucket is a balance of rye and barley malt. The rye gives it a little spiciness which combines nicely with hops that contribute a citrusy note.
Bottle 16.00
KINNEGAR Scraggy Bay 500ml
Fondly known as ‘Yel- lowcap’, Scraggy Bay is a balanced golden ale with a snappy little bite of hops. India Pale Ale.
Bottle 16.00
ABV 4.9%
KINNEGAR Devil’s 500ml Backbone
Devil’s Backbone is full bodied and full flavoured like a mellow autumnal day with a hint of chocolate thrown in. Amber Ale.
Bottle 16.00
Stonewell Irish 500ml Dry Cider
Far crisper than its medium dry sibling, this cider is bronze in colour with a hint of car- amel finish. This cider is an excellent accompaniment to food, in particular, cheese, fish or chicken.
Bottle 16.00
Stonewell Irish 500ml medium dry cider
This medium dry cider has a mild effervescence & strong apple aroma. The high content of eating apples brings a strong golden hue. On the palate there is an initial burst of flavour carrying through to a strong astringency
ABV 5.1%
ABV 5.5%
ABV 5.3%
ABV 5.5%
Bottle 16.00

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