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A classic American pale ale with a clean hop bitterness balanced against a malty grain sweetness with a very dry finish.
ABV 5.6% Pint 15.50 / Glass 12.95 VELTINS PILSNER
One of the finest examples of german pilsner. It is brewed using spring water from its own mountain.Veltins has a delicate dry & clean palate, fine carbonated body, slight bitterness 7 a light citrus finish.
ABV 4.8% Pint 15.50 / Glass 12.95 STONEWELL CRAFT CIDER
This medium dry cider has a mild effervescence & strong apple aroma. The high content of eating apples brings a strong golden hue. On the palate there is an initial burst of flavour carrying through to a strong astringency
ABV 4.5% Pint 16.00 / Glass 13.25 INDEPENDENT PALE ale
A hoppy, vibrant beer, brimful of taste and flavour, the rye in the malt bill blends with the bitter spiciness of the hops for a refreshing bite, double dry hopped for that extra aroma
ABV 6.0% Pint 15.00 / Glass 12.70 HOP HOUSE 13
A double hopped lager made with Irish Barley & Aromatic hops. It has a sweet fruity aroma, with hints of apricot & peach, subtle malt notes breaking through. Crisp & hoppy clean finish
ABV 4.5% Pint 15.00 / Glass 12.70

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